Is this your homework, America?

An elite group of advertising executives is panicking because the fast food business is dropping since people are eating healthier. They get some dummy to create a reality show for them where an overweight teenage girl gets surgery to become thinner, then dies in the process. The manufactured public backlash creates a portion of society who rejects that you have to be thin to be beautiful, making the fast food guys rich again. The dummy who created the reality show has a nervous breakdown or something and performs a ritual where he sacrifices a cow and there’s aliens attached to people and the aliens are controlling everything or honestly I have no idea what this fucking thing was even about. Which is a shame cause normally I’d be all over a premise like this. The elite manipulating the poor who then love being manipulated and aliens are secretly behind everything? What could go wrong! How about literally everything. Total fucking garbage. 

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Author: Francis

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