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We couldn’t think of what to call our bio page. Fran thought maybe “Biodome” but that’s probably been done, right? So we’ll just say Hello and leave it at that. It’s not all that important. Or maybe it’s an About page? Let’s go with About. 

Scott Douglas and Francis X Friel have been writing professional film criticism since 2014. After working with and founding several other publications, a lot of people agreed – both privately and publicly – that they are both what is known in the industry as “impossible to work with.” 

Video Vendetta is the new home for our work, both online and in print (more on the “in print” part soon). Older pieces have been republished from their original sources. Newer work as of 2020 is pure, weapons-grade Video Vendetta. 

Welcome. We hope you enjoy it. 

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Hate mail or offers of violence can be kept to yourself, we do this for free.

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